*InsomniaStore* Bloggers Application

Blog Requirements…If you think you can follow the rules and directions…Please send application.

1. Your Blog must be at least 3 months old and active.

2. Must blog 4 items a month from the store and any event the store is participating must be blogged when handed out in the time period of event, hunt or fair.

3. Pictures must be of good quality.

4. Your blog must be of your own (We do not add alts…only your main) If shared blog then Partner must post as will (under their own SL avatar name) as an active blogger.

5. In the case of absence from your blog *for example Vacation or other personal reasons*. Please notify the *IS* managers if you will be absent for more than a 1 month. If not you will be removed.

6. Your blog must have the logo of the store and the correct marketplace link to the product.

7. Blogs that have been completely inactive for over 2 months are automatically removed.

8. You don't need space for secon dlife group. We work with Blogotex servis.

New releases and hunt gifts will be sent out in the blogger group as they are released. If you blog something from *InsomniaStore* please send a notice for Blogotex servis and/or post the link on Flickr Facebook Group

I look forward to working with you!

Click Here 

Bloggers Application

Use Blogotex Servis Panel to send Application

*Insomnia Store*

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